Association For Victims Who Want To Remain Victims

January 22, 2016

John, let's call him John. Well, John had lost his job and his outplacement progressed slowly. His coach had spent a lot of time listening to how difficult things were for him and how life was treating him badly. John was growing accustomed to expressing all of his setbacks on a daily basis. He had, on top of that, already changed coaches more than once, because the others ‘never really understood him’.


Then one day John's friends invited him to join them in a men's weekend somewhere in the countryside. It would be fun and it would help him to take his mind off things. Just camping in the hills, some beer, good food and definitely lots of laughs!


Now the innocent reader might think: ‘What a great idea and what great friends. Grab the opportunity and have fun with the guys’!


However, John told his coach, near to tears, that this trip actually just added to his problems. He spoke the unforgettable words: 

‘I do not own a sleeping bag…….!’


Right then and there, his coach decided to establish an Association for 'Victims Who Want To Remain Victims’.


Please do not apply, it is invitation only. Sorry :-) 

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