I Wanna Work There!

February 4, 2016

“The field is the voice of truth”, the CEO said. “In order to hear that truth loud and clear, we need to remove internal barriers”.


The company was going through a period of profound change. Core products, business models, culture. Many of the knowns went overboard and they were building new bridges whilst crossing the river. Very exciting times indeed. Rewarding and also very demanding. Everybody saw the necessity of change.


People were already starting to use the right terminology, the same acronyms. They seemed more and more aligned.


However, the real connection between top-management and the actual customer facing roles was not in place yet. Some overhead roles still kept resisting, although things were happening and they were happening fast!


That there was still a challenge ahead became clear to me when I caught one of their managers saying, referring to his CEO’s words:


“Gosh I would like to work in the company he’s describing”.

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