Bigger is better? Maybe not always...

May 31, 2017


It was a sultry summer evening when my wife and I moored our little Doerak 650, a Dutch steel motorboat, at the jetty. We were just about to have our first glass of wine, when a guy in his sixties walked by. He appeared to be the owner of a humongous yacht moored further on. Definitely oversized for the pier. He stopped at our small 13 ft. boat, obviously in need of a chat.


We offered him a drink and he started to talk. ‘Once’, he said, ‘I started with just such a little boat you guys are having’.


He had sold it profitably and bought a bigger one. Done that a couple of times ending up with the monstrous thing moored 60 ft. away. It sounded like a success story. He just didn’t look happy….


‘Would you believe’, he asked, ‘I had most fun on this, my first little boat? I often wonder what my life would have been like had I kept onto it’. And lost in thought he took a sip and tapped the steering wheel.

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