Luud had the privilege of working with top executives and leadership teams in companies such as:


  • The Walt Disney Company

  • IWC in Schaffhausen and Dubai

  • Microsoft in Russia, Japan, Austria, Holland, Italy, Czech Republic, Azerbeidzjan, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Belgium, Belarus, Armenia, Slovenia, Denmark, HQ Central & Eastern Europe, HQ Western Europe and HQ Middle East & Asia

  • Roche International

  • Netapp International

  • ANVR, Netherlands

  • Magyar Telekom, Hungary

  • TME (Toyota Motor Company Europe)

  • Schneider Electric, Russia

  • Adobe, Germany

  • HB Reavis, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and UK

  • Alcatel, France


  • DHL, Netherlands

  • Atlas Copco, Austria

  • Barry-Callebaut, Belgium

  • Akzo-Nobel, Netherlands

  • ING

  • DTG

  • TNO

  • Damen Shipyards Group

  • Royal Friesland Foods and

  • Ecole Supérieure de Management de Savignac

  • and many more...



L. Keller - Top executive from Austria

'Luud was highly recommended to me by a couple of colleagues and just coming out of our workshop, I have to say he even overachieved the high expectations I had. With his passion, empathy, professionalism and great personality, he moderated our team building retreat in a really impressive way. So I hope we will find another opportunity to work together and highly recommend Luud not only from a professional, but also from a human perspective! This combination is unique and super important, especially when you work with people and want to end with really valuable outcomes'.


J. Seitner – International. Director HR:

‘I just love working with Luud. I learned a lot from him. It made me change significant aspects of my professional life and I can only say: THANK YOU! Our colleagues share similar experiences/learnings and our recent employee survey results express Luud´s meaningful impact!'


R. Massa – Services Sales Manager, Microsoft:

Luud has what I can only describe as a natural ability to engage those in front of him and bring the message being delivered to life.  He takes a multi-dimensional approach in his ‘delivery’, driving the right energy level at the right time, which is absolutely key, adapting the messaging to fit the audience, and using verbal & nonverbal communication with incredible agility.  The result is a reflective and yet energized ‘audience’ at the end of the session.
When we walked away from a two-day training delivery by Luud, two of my peers presented the following morning in a company all hands. They had about 10 minutes each to present their message and both independently took the exact same content and message from Luud’s training from the previous two-day training and shared it. This shows how deep his message resonated.’


E. Glas – Connecting Top Talent with Opportunity, Dell:

'I have known Luud as a unique personal trainer and coach, customer and trainee focused. Based on analytical instruments, his rich experience in people (management) skills and sincere empathy, results come in a relative fast way. Besides that, Luud is a great, amiable man, one of a kind. It was a privilege working with him.'

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