The Power to Change!

In this engaging and at times hilarious online keynote Luud gives his personal view on transformation in organizations. Why most people look forward to change whilst at the same time resisting it. What can a change of paradigms do for the success transformation? Truth & deception about growth and fixed mindsets. Insightful both from a personal and an organizational perspective. Luud also delivers tailormade workshops on this topic.


Challenging and humorous online keynote about old school motivation techniques and why the best managers sometimes are enemies of change. Why do people follow ideas, plans, goals and leaders? Where does ‘motivating others’ turn into ‘inspiring others’. The 5 most important do's. Luud also delivers tailormade workshops on this topic.

5 do's in Leading Transformation

Work life balance is non-sense. Busy or impact is a highly entertaining online keynote on issues related to the ever existing paradox between just being busy and really having an impact; between being productive and harmony in life. On how the corporate warrior gets easily directed by urgency, both at work and at home and on some counter measures. Cross culturally experienced as ‘extremely revealing’, in a ‘confrontational way’ and as ‘both inspiring and very much fun’.

Busy or Impact, Which Will It Be?

Funny and insightful online keynote on teams. Organizations sometimes seem to have an over-glorified image of being a ‘team’. If a group isn’t a team something is wrong, is their thinking. In this engaging keynote Luud de-mystifies this, and many other, notions on teaming and gives some concrete advice to team leaders and team members.

What are the real conditions for being a High Performing Team and where does trust come in?

Could 'Team' be Overrated?

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