"I'm convinced that true success comes with hard work and unyielding determination. This is part of the philosophy behind my high-impact, engaging and inspiring keynotes and seminars".


Luud has been successful for many years as an inspirational speaker, trainer, executive coach and leadership expert. Having spoken and worked in over 30 countries on 5 continents and speaking 4 languages, he has a broad experience in working with global audiences and different cultures. His clients rely on his experience and expertise in the realms of Leadership and Teams and on his gift to inspire people in times of transformation. He has the ability to combine his vast managerial and sales experience and his authentic quality to nurture and develop leadership and team talents.


Luud Berings, of Dutch nationality, went to Hotel Management School in Maastricht and held his first job at KLM. He worked in major hotels and in the services industry until, at the age of 32, he became CEO of a highly specialized industrial cleaning company with 2200 employees. At the age of 35 he started working for an outplacement company, stayed for 5 years attaining the COO position. In 1995 he found his passion in giving keynotes and workshops. Luud follows and explains trends in management and leadership and helps organizations in making practical translations. With a sense of humor and inspiring. He wrote two books, of which ‘Busy or Impact’ (2012, Doussac) is the latest. In 2002 he moved with his family to the Corrèze in the South-West of France.

In 2018 Luud partnered with Excel Communications, a Learning and Development Consultancy in England. He is now a key trainer in their global cross cultural network.


His keynotes and workshops are described as highly entertaining, insightful and extremely revealing in a confrontational way. Luud likes to de-mystify common notions and ‘MBA talk’ and challenges his audience, although always with a touch of lightness. His keynotes and workshops are tailor made to the business reality of his clients.


25 years of international experience as inspirational speaker, facilitator, coach and CEO.

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