Busy or Impact 

  (the book)

'Berings has a strong reputation in the field of mental coaching and his book only proves why. It did a lot for me. 5 stars! ‘


'At first I thought just another one of those books that promises you mountains of gold. But once started I read it cover to cover and was touched by it. The author shows you important insights in a playful and sometimes even comical fashion.’


'The book shows you stuff you already know but were afraid to admit! You need to get going, you are responsible for the things you do or don’t do.  Luud Berings knows how to present his message in an open and recognizable fashion. It certainly is not a book like so many others on how to balance your work and life; it is surprisingly different!’


'I know Luud as a trainer and can hear him speak as I read the book. He is a  uniquely successful trainer and it is inspiring to read his vision on things that are so known to all of us.’

A winning team?

Luud presents the 4 conditions to being a team (8.43 min. on YouTube). This is a short part of a keynote dedicated to how to become and stay a winning team.

Change paradigms

In this talk Luud uses 2 core quadrants as an example of how changing one's paradigm can influence results. This presentation (5.32 min) is a small part of a 2,5 hour keynote in Łódź, Poland in september 2014.

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